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Isla Heels Sevieyanashoes x Putri Setiawan

Isla Heels Sevieyanashoes x Putri Setiawan

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Isla heels is design with a unique block heel shape, the block shape is edgy and stylish. The cushion is made with CloudFoam and is super comfortable and soft.

Available in color options:
  • Jet Black
  • Fuchsia
  • Nude
  • White

Measurement method: Place your foot on paper. Then trace your foot using a pen (make sure the pen touches the heel). Do not add anything extra to the measurement.

Size Measurement
Size 34 19cm - 19.5cm
Size 35 20cm - 20.5cm
Size 36 21cm - 21.5cm
Size 37 22cm - 22.5cm
Size 38 23cm - 23.5cm
Size 39 24cm - 24.5cm
Size 40 25cm - 25.5cm
Size 41 26cm - 26.5cm
Size 42 27cm  - 27.5cm
Size 43 28cm - 28.5cm
Size 44 29cm - 29.5cm


Everyone has unique size so we've prepared some guidelines of commonly asked questions. Please don't hesitate to ask us in the chat or through instagram.
Just for example, if the foot length is 23.5cm then we need to measure your foot width: 

  • If your foot width is slim measuring 8cm-8.5cm in width, then we suggest to go for size 38.
  • If your foot width is on average measuring 9cm in width, then you options to go for a snug fit (size 38) or slightly loose (size 39).
  • If your foot width a bit wide measure more than 9cm in width, then we suggest to go for size 39.

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