The only Indonesia local brand shoes with cloudfoam technology ☁️
for comfiness to carry you from day to night!
FIRST cloudfoam shoes in Indonesia 🇮🇩

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sevieyanashoes collection

sevieyanashoes x cjm

Sevieyanashoes in collaboration with Charlotte Wang, Jasmine Rice and Megan pannata 

90’s collection

We bring back 90's style, not to old but still fashionable 

    • Lucy.gccs

      on Orion Black

    • Ricejasminee

      on Elise Black

    • Charlottewangwang

      on Elise White

    • Clawdiiaa

      on Mindy Black White

    • Cforcassan

      on Elise White

    • Meganpannata

      on Rhea White

    • Clarahongg

      on Orion Black

    • Raniazzhr

      on Flo Black

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